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We can offer a variety of tinting to suit your needs. Using Johnson Window Films we offer a range of different tints. Tinting is done in the branch and we usually require your vehicle for a whole day. We do everything from clear security film through to privacy tinting. Having your glass tinted can help keep the temerature in your vehicle down in hot weather, it also helps reduce your fuel consumption as it reduces the need for air conditioning


PLEASE NOTE : During the early part of 2004, section 32 of the vehicles (construction of use ) regulations will be amended to include " window tint films " where such material attached to the glass are capable of reducing the viual light transmission of the forward windows to below the prescribed level.


This will effectively become the ban practise from january 1st 2004 of applying virtually all tinted films to windows forwards of the B-post on any vehicle that is to be driven on the roads. only clear film such as clear security film may be applied to front side windows provided the VLT is not lower than 70%



We now offer a mobile tinting service for domestic or office windows. Applying tint film to your house or office windows can help keep the ambient temperature lower as the film reflects the suns rays. Helping to lower the cost of keeping your premises cool in the summer. Please ask our installers for more information

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